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March 13th

God is pouring out Blessings without limits! — at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

March 14th

In prayer until early morning, men's conference starts today here in Kakamega. Pastor Julius and Pastor Pamella and I prayed for a Mighty move of God to take place here. It had not rained for over a month here, with temps in the 90's. Thank the LORD! As I came in on the plane the Heavens opened and it is raining hard now and temps have dropped to the 70's. Let's pray some more!!!! "Open the windows of Heaven, let it rain with your glory, Lord" In Jesus name.

March 18th

Info Update - Praise God, the Saints in Kakamega are so hunger for the word of God, Sunday service was powerful then God moved mighty with healings! Service was 5 hours long. Most of them walked to church to get the word and was in no hurry to leave. Pictures will be posted later.

March 20th

Update - God is saving Kenyans everywhere in every way! In Mud Huts, Buildings made of tin, some buildings don't have walls or ceilings. There are NO Hammond organs, drums, guitars, or super stars, but the spirit is moving over here. The internet system won't pass pictures it is very weak, so I will sent them when I return. But, I Navakho people were saved, in Sabatia people were saved, in Shi...atsala, Kakamega, and today in Kaunda! (You heard me Kaunda - I remember hearing this word in Tarzan movies when I was young, but it is a real place) and people are getting saved, Glory to God.

Tomorrow I am being taking to the Market in Uganda to preach.

I need your prayers for real! I have to put the WORD out there, trusting I don't get arrested or detained, but like Paul, I am not scared or afraid! The LORD God Jehovah is with me!

March 21st

Most recent Update: We started today's teaching in Mbale distric, (Uganda) at 10am our time, which is 2am your time. We stopped at 4pm, without breaks, I taught and preached for two hours, then they asked questions until 4pm. I was tired. But then we loaded the bus and went to the Market place, this area had a lot of (real) Muslims and we continued outreach there preaching and worship again. It ha...d not rained for two days there, as soon as I was finished preaching the Heavens opened and it poured down raining. While I got on the bus, they were dancing in the rain. They get joy from everything!!! "Praise God."

I am writing this to let you know that I was not arrested or detained by officials in this Islamic area, and I say "Praise God" again! We got back across the Kenyan boarder safely. Peace and blessings

Did I say "Thank you" to the best church in the world - Greater Grace Family Ministries Church for your support and ALL those who supported this mission! You get credit for the work that God does through us here. — in Kakamega, Kenya.

March 22nd

Saturdays Update: Travelled across the boarder of Uganda again, this time to an area called Tororo, there were many Christians there, I preached on being "Filled with the Holy Spirit" many came to be prayed for the filling of the Holy Spirit. We then crossed back and stopped at a place called Butere in Kenya and did outreach preaching " Living to live again" souls came to the Lord in both places today.

Thank you Jesus! Keep praying church, your prayers are working. Tomorrow I minister twice in Kakamega, at different locations — in Tororo, Uganda.

March 26th - Final Update

Final Update: On Sunday we had our final outreach of the GGFMC Missions to Africa! Outside on a mountaintop with many standing to receive Christ. The Movie will be posted when I return home. Monday morning I was taken inside the" Jungle" where I saw real live Baboons and monkeys walking and swing in the trees above us. But no lions, tigers, or bears oh my!

On Monday evening I met at a church with the Pastors from Kakamega, Unganda, Kisumu, and Butere as we prayed and they gave me testimony of how they and their churches were blessed over the last weeks, many churches increased in size as souls were saved, again to the LORD we say thanks!

This too will be posted on our church website: and on GGFMC Missions to Africa page by Friday.

Tomorrow I leave Kakamega to go to Kisumu will spend time there with Pastor Maxwell who is from there then on to Nairobi where I will meet up with Apostle O., who is there, then headed home, for real

To all again we say thanks for your many prayers. To my church family thanks for the support, I love you. And then to my wife and children I love you so much! see you soon! — in Kakamega, Kenya